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Functionality limited to 100 records per table


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MySQL to PostgreSQL

 HL-DBExporter (MySQL to PostgreSQL)

Exports, converts, transfers, migrate data from a MySQL database to another PostgreSQL database.

You can work with spatial extensions, MySQL Spatial of MySQL and PostGIS of PosgreSQL, therefore be exported, convert geometric data fields (multipolygon, polygon, multiline, line, multipoint, point)


  1. Export, convert, transfer data from MySQL to PostgreSQL.
  2. Supports MySQL Spatial and PostGIS extensions.

(*) HL-DBExporter (MySQL to PostgreSQL) is free

You can download the application here:

After downloading the applicationyou can obtain a license without registration here:

Once you have the license file, copy / replace it in the root directory of the application.


 Learn to use HL-DBExporter:

  1. Export a table to the target database (drag & drop).
  2. Export multiple tables from a source database to a target database (drag & drop).
  3. Export multiple tables from multiple source databases to a target database (drag & drop).
  4. Export all active tables entire catalog (multiple connections).
  5. Export all active tables of a given connection.
  6. Export selected tables using the floating menu.
  7. Choose table fields to export

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